Got Cleanup Projects? How To Avoid Wasted Space In Your Dumpster

Posted on: 18 February 2020

If you plan to rent a dumpster for your maintenance projects this spring, make sure you get the most of your space. Filling your dumpster improperly could lead to a lot of wasted space, which will delay your project or cause you to need a second dumpster. To help you make the most of your dumpster space, here are four useful tips you'll need to follow. 

Place Large Items at the Bottom

If you're going to be renting a dumpster, now's the time to take a look at the items you'll be tossing out. Most people just start throwing things out as soon as they get their dumpsters. However, that's a good way to end up with some wasted space. The first thing you want to do is find all the large items you plan to discard. That way, they can be the first items you place into the dumpster. Tossing large items at the bottom of the dumpster will leave you plenty of space up top for the smaller items. 

Break Down Your Cardboard

If you're going to be tossing out cardboard boxes, be sure to break down the boxes before you place them in the dumpster. Throwing away whole boxes will take up too much space in your dumpster. The best thing to do is break down your boxes into smaller pieces before you throw them away. Another way to save space in your waste dumpster is to break down your cardboard and take them to the recycling center instead. You'll free up space in your dumpster, make some extra cash, and do your part for the environment. 

Leave Yard Clippings Loose

If you're going to be cleaning up your yard this spring and you plan to toss the clippings into the dumpster, avoid the use of bags. You might think that placing your yard clippings into plastic bags will make the job easier, but that's not necessarily the case, especially where your dumpster is concerned. Placing all your clippings into plastic bags will take up additional space in the dumpster. To save space, leave your yard clippings loose when placing them in the dumpster. 

Dismantle Old Furniture

If you have old furniture that you're going to get rid of, take the same route as you did with your cardboard. Instead of tossing whole pieces of furniture into your dumpster, dismantle the pieces first. Smaller, individual components take up less space in the dumpster. If you have furniture that's still in good condition, place it at the curb for a free giveaway and clear up even more space in your dumpster.

To learn more, contact a dumpster rental company.